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About YCG

Establishing as a Group in 2019, YCG is a reputable provider of talent acquisition, marketing, business consulting & investment services. During the past 3 years, YCG has grown tremendously in both scalability and capability, with our services being utilised across the UK, US and on mainland Europe. Despite the fact we operate across multiple territories, our shared values and mission remain the same, shaping who are are, what we believe and how we behave. Working under the ‘Excellence | Demonstrated’ tagline, we continue to push boundaries for our clients resulting in increased ROI and success.


Our Founders innovated a new operating model, incorporating an agile working methodology into our business operations that promotes increased value for our clients with lower risk potential. Such has been it’s success that YCG have continued to expand across multiple sectors and invest in new businesses to join the group with huge possibilities.


The innovation & agility can be seen throughout our firm, as we push the boundaries and break the traditional stereotypes in our work. By adopting state of the art technology, our workforce are able to outperform our competitors by responding to our clients needs from the outset. We continue to innovate and develop our working model which allows us to drive higher standards for our client base, bringing confidence to the consultancy services that always deliver on.


We consult for public and private sector clients, including global enterprises and hyper-growth start-ups across multiple industries. Our flat operating structure brings together collaboration and innovation which gives us the breadth and depth of expertise to solve complex challenges & enhance our clients project deliverables. The impact of our work is lasting and high quality from the outset.

Talent Acquisition - Tech, Sales, Construction, Hospitality & Care0%

Digital & Branding - Rebranding, PR, Full Service Design & Web Development0%

Business Consulting - Operational, Business Development, Employer Branding & Growth Strategy0%

Investment Services - Start-up funding, Acquisition0%


New Group OpCo's in 2021..

…and counting


Since our inception, we have continued to expand our operations and we are always looking for new investment opportunities to aid our strategic growth plans.

October 2018 - YCG and YourCode Group combine forces!

YourCode Group and YCG joined forces to begin the expansion of YCG’s Talent Acquisition division.

YourCode provide specialist software engineering recruitment to clients across the UK and mainland Europe, supporting a range of blue chip clients and hyper growth startups.

YourCode has successfully placed candidates across UK, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy & Sweden.

January 2019 - YCG launches YourSales

YCG launches YourSales to partner YourCode with SaaS recruitment services. Tom Greenwood, renowned Sales Recruiter & experienced leader joins the firm as a Co-Founder & Manager to launch into the market.

May 2019 - YCG became majority shareholder of AKA The Recruitment Specialists!

YCG and AKA opened negotiations to discuss a takeover of the long standing, family run recruitment firm, operating out of Mirfield, West Yorkshire.

In May 2019, YCG struck a deal with the Founders of AKA to take an 85% shareholding in the company and lead the business through a digital transformation, whilst expanding their offering into a wider regional area.

July 2019 - YCG launches YourConstruction

YCG expansion continues and YourConstruction becomes the next destination of choice. YourConstruction began supporting renowned construction companies in the summer of 2019, focussing on permanent recruitment before expanding with temporary solutions in 2021.

February 2020 - YCG goes through a rebrand!



YCG began a redesign of our logo & wider company branding to realign with the modern operation and values of the company.

March 2020 - COVID 19 causes major UK lockdown.

COVID-19 hits the UK and we enter a national lockdown which causes disruption to businesses across the nation.

August 2020 - Dish was reborn!

Dish Hospitality, previously known as Dish Dining Room situated on Boar Lane, Leeds, re-launches in the market as a specialist hospitality recruiter, laying down its roots as a well-known restaurant & cocktail bar in the city.

Pandemic slows progression, but good foundations are built with a number of restaurateurs ready for the great re-opening of the industry!

January 2021 - YCG launched YourCare!

YCG invests in a new healthcare recruitment start-up, YourCare, led by Macauley Mountain and Tom Greenwood (now Head of SalesOps at YCG). YourCare provides health & social care workers to residential homes across the UK, working from our HQ in Wakefield.


March 2021 - YCG soft launches SocialNuts!

Having operated a digital marketing service to clients across the UK and Poland, YCG separates the internal marketing function to become ‘SocialNuts’ with the view of providing critical marketing services, including website development & PR, to small-medium sized business outside of the existing YCG client base.